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Learning the ins and out of health insurance can be overwhelming. We want to make sure you have the information you need to make the best choices you can for yourselves, your family or your small business.

Montanans in or near your community have been trained and certified by the office of Montana Insurance Commissioner to help you maneuver the insurance buying process.

There are three types of helpers — navigators, certified counselors, and certified insurance agents. Not sure who to contact? See our definitions and lists below.


2018 Marketplace Assistors

Last updated December 13, 2017.

All navigators, CACs, and CEPs must complete federal and Montana specific training to be certified. Navigators must pass a background check and take an additional test. CSI has dual oversight with the federal government over all three roles. Any complaints or appeals about health insurance bought in the marketplace should go directly to CSI. Read the Commissioner’s guide to internal appeals and external review for more information.